HBS Case Study: Paying consumers for their data?

The New Marketing Paradigm: Reinventing the role of marketing, ethics, and transparency.

  1. The early adopters are already adept at using data insights as it is part of their core business. Financial services, banking, credit cards, insurance companies, these companies are already adept at collecting data. Using AI they can now…

My Top 5

2 years into the pandemic has brought in a dramatic change in consumers’ behavior and lifestyles. Things that we value are not the same — now we care more about our healthy, loved ones, planet, time and want to be seen and included. These are challenging times…

Quick learning tips….

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance:

  • Types of markets: Capital market, Internet market, Product markets, FED
  • Corporate Finance: Investment across time, locations while factoring in risks. Decide which critical investments to make, where they get the money, and how they keep the day-to-day business going.
  • For regular companies, it’s…

Bhavya Siddappa

Student for life. Story teller, creative thinker, woman in tech. Just some one who wants to be happy!

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