Modern Public Relations

  1. Public relations was once just about press releases; now, it has encompassed content creation, social media, digital innovation. So what are the various forms of Multimedia that you’ll be using in your PR campaigns for storytelling?
  2. Modern PR takes great advantage of Big Data. Can you tell us how you’ll use Big data to tell compelling stories to target consumers or media in general?
  3. A part of our job also includes pitching to the media. How has the art of Pitching to the media changed? — A new wave of Pitching is personalized pitches?
  4. Modern public relations can no longer be controlled or defined only by the media. The game is changing with the rise of powerful social media influencers. Is Media relationship extending to Influencer relations, and how?
  5. How has your PR strategy changed with a pandemic?
  6. What’s the one PR trend that you can forecast for 2022?
  7. How and when will modern PR embrace Metaverse? (If we have time)
  1. The media landscape is expanding to social media and influencer marketing.
  2. Data plays a vital role in measuring and planning PR campaigns.
  3. Customizing pitches to media is the way to go
  4. Have a Hybrid approach when it comes to hosting events
  5. We live in a constant communication cycle. Anyone can become the next opinion leader. In the face of these changes, the role of public relations is changing



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Bhavya Siddappa

Bhavya Siddappa


Student for life. Story teller, creative thinker, woman in tech. Just some one who wants to be happy!