Bhavya Siddappa

Nov 7, 2021

2 min read

Ten steps for AI in Marketing Success

1. Understand the dynamics of IA in your sector, now and in the future.

2. Devise your business strategy and then your marketing plan accordingly.

AI vs Data Science vs Big Data

3. Start with small problems, focus on customer needs and be prepared to fail.

4. Define your strategy for AI in marketing and set key metrics/key performance indicators.

5. Prioritize technical AI competence: train, hire, partner or invest in the right solutions for the task at hand.

6. Reinvigorate your culture to embrace innovation and agility.

7. Collaborate across departments and reorganize where necessary.

Data LifeCycle

8. Attract and retain the right staff and partners.

9. Invest in a continuous lifelong learning journey.

10. Adhere to and play a role in defining the ethics of AI in your industry/ country.